• C, C#, C++

    Learn the fundamentals of C, C# & C++ to build a successful career as a programming language expert.

  • Web app development

    With the world going online, web apps are the latest trend. Learn the basics of web app development to build a successful career.

  • Mobile app development

    From booking movie tickets to booking railway tickets, everything is moving to smartphones. To reach the target audience, every company & organisation is launching its mobile app. In this competitive market, there is a high demand for qualified & skilled mobile app developers.

  • Java

    From laptops to mobile phones, Java is the most common application software used around the world. The job opportunities for a Java expert are endless.

  • HTML

    Learn the fundamentals of the standard markup language used to create web pages for websites, mobiles & apps.

  • SQL

    Become an SQL & data management expert. Learn fundamentals of SQL Server platform and its major tools.

  • Red Hat System Administration

    Red Hat trains you in system administration across a wide range of environments & deployment scenarios. Get trained for job opportunities around the globe with top IT firms.

  • Financial Accounting

    With everything going digital, even the finance and accounting sector requires IT professionals to ensure smooth transaction of money across the world.

  • GST Professional

    This course provides you advanced skills in GST to improve career opportunities. Get professional training in GST law and compliance.

  • Software Testing Using Selenium

    Software testing involves operation of a software system or application under controlled conditions. This course trains you to work with Selenium to write tests in popular programming languages, including C#, Java, PHP, and Python.

  • IT for beginners

    Knowledge of IT is essential in today's world. No matter which career you choose, you need a strong foundation in IT & computers. Explore this new and exciting world with Aptech!

  • Big Data Hadoop programming

    In today's digital world, the amount of data generated daily has grown tremendously from social media sites, purchase transaction records, and cell phone GPS signals. This amount of large data needs analysis which provides precision services to everyone. Big Data is the need of the hour.

  • Embedded programming

    Embedded programming is the basic for any system to work properly. It is important for an embedded programmer to be familiar with the programming interface of the systems.

  • Oracle

    Oracle is one of the most popular database management systems used around the globe. It is used to store and retrieve large amount of data in information management.

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